Investing strategically in Nigeria and African Hospitality.

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Morza Capital

Morza Capital is a Private Equity Firm with core competency in building and growing value in service and product oriented companies across diverse sectors in Nigeria.


Our Vision

To create lasting economic impact through strategic alignment with our partners and investors.  


Persevering to attain the goals of our partners and investors.


We believe in fostering solid relationships built on integrity, trust and respect with action.


Excellence is the soul of our company as it holds us and our partners to the highest standards.


The spirit of partnership influences everything we do; we function as a team, with shared recognition and accountability, and communicate clearly and openly from management, staff, board, and our investors.


Efficiency drives how we handle our work. We also believe that our work should be meaningful and enjoyable.


We seek continuous improvement throughout our organization by setting clear objectives and candidly assessing our successes and failures

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Our Mission

To continually strive to create exceptional value through our investment portfolios. Our objective is to invest resources and provide stewardship as we create long-term sustainable growth, and risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

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Private Equity

With a focus on high-growth industries, we make private equity investments on early-stage markets in Nigeria and Africa. At the core of our investment model is a focus on dynamic portfolio operations, as the key driver of value.


Our evolving credit portfolio aims at bridging the gap between the burgeoning supply and demand for credit related financial services by Nigerian and African businesses in a larger context.
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Private Equity

Our mission is to protect your Businesses & Finance.

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A satisfied customer is the
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What our Clients say

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy.